Indonesia's Industri Pesawat Terbang Nusantra (IPTN) has opened discussions with Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL) of India and Aerospace Industrial Development (AIDC) of Taiwan in an effort to attract international support to develop the financially troubled N2130 regional jet.

IPTN has told competing engine manufacturers BMW Rolls-Royce, CFM International and Pratt & Whitney that it is deferring selection of a powerplant for the aircraft until it can resolve the issue of programme financing. The state-run manufacturer is considering three different options, and says that it must make a decision within the next six months if the project is to remain on schedule to enter service in 2004.

According to Rudi Hendriadi, N2130 marketing supervisor, the choices facing IPTN are for a Government-sponsored agency to continue trying to raise private Indonesian funding, find foreign risk and revenue sharing partners, or enter into a wider international consortium. "Our preference right now is the second option, it will involve less delay than the first option and still give us programme leadership," says Hendriadi.

IPTN claims to be in serious discussions with three unidentified international aerostructures companies. "This offers them a market to expand their business and develop their own industrial capabilities, as well as make a profit. We're not looking for donations, we're looking for partners," says Hendriati.

AIDC confirms that IPTN "-has asked us to join the programme, but it presents some very big risks". The Indonesian manufacturer is seeking a partner to take between a 30% and 50% stake in the 100-seat jet programme.

HA's chairman Dr Krishna Das Nair is to travel to Indonesia shortly to discuss possible collaboration with IPTN.

"We're going to tell them what we can do," says deputy general manager V Srinivasan. HAL in return is seeking IPTN help to market its Advanced Light Helicopter.

Source: Flight International