Andrzej Jeziorski/SINGAPORE

Industri Pesawat Terbang Nusantara (IPTN) is preparing to upgrade the Indonesian air force's fleet of IPTN-built, NAS332 Super Puma helicopters.

The Indonesian manufacturer says it has been awarded a contract and work is due to begin soon. "We plan to fly the first helicopter by the end of the year," says IPTN, with the first delivery due in early 2001.

The upgrade will include modifications to the engines, airframes and avionics, although the avionics upgrade will not be "highly sophisticated", says IPTN.

The air force requirement covers two helicopters to be configured as VVIP transports, five for combat search and rescue (SAR), and nine for tactical transport. Sufficient funds have been made available to date for only the VVIP requirement, two of the combat SAR aircraft and three of the tactical transports.

The helicopter division delivered five NBO105s, built under licence from Eurocopter, during 1999. It holds a licence to manufacture the Bell 412, but delivered none last year.

On the fixed-wing front, IPTN last year delivered eight CN235 turboprops, jointly developed with Spain's CASA, now absorbed by EADS, under the Airtech joint venture, and six NC212-200 Aviocars. Ninety-four NC212s have been delivered, under a licence agreement with the European company covering 108 aircraft.

The manufacturer holds orders for six aircraft from the Indonesian navy in the maritime patrol role. A memorandum of understanding has been signed for eight more aircraft to be divided between the Indonesian armed forces, although a final contract "depends on the budget", says IPTN.

Outstanding orders for the CN235 also include eight aircraft for South Korea, with the first delivery due in mid-2001 and several aircraft for Brunei in maritime patrol and transport variants.

Source: Flight International