Up to 100 Antonov An-140 aircraft could be built under licence in Iran, Oleg Bogdanov, deputy general designer of the Antonov Design Bureau, said at the show yesterday.

The Iran deal would see final assembly of the 52-seat An-140 carried out at a plant in Isfahan. Production at both Antonov's own plants and at Isfahan is expected to begin in 1999.

The first aircraft flew last month, with a second due to fly later this month. Certification is expected in 1998.

"The contract says we must finish certification and then Iran will begin series production," says Bogdanov.


"Now, Iranian workers and engineers and other specialists are learning and training in Antonov Design Bureau plant."

Units will be made in Ukraine and moved to Isfahan for final assembly, although as the Isfahan plant develops, more work could be moved there.

"The Isfahan plant will make maybe 100 aircraft but it could be more depending on how many aircraft Iran needs.

"It will assemble for Iran only but maybe in future they might sell to a

Bogdanov says that the bureau is talking to potential customers at the show and companies interested in forming partnerships.




Source: Flight Daily News