With respect, I can't help thinking that Mr Seed (Flight International 9-15 April) did not read Mr Kean's letter properly. How would the full fare business class passenger know that the full fare economy passenger sitting next to him/her was bumped up?

In Qantas's defence, staff movement between ports in their home country is much greater for operational purposes than on long-haul routes, where from recent Qantas flights I have taken, the economy class was good value and the cabin staff made you feel welcome!

I saw some people bumped up to business class at the gate, although sadly I was not, and was happy that the staff took the time to upgrade some economy class passengers with the few business class seats they had available.

In today's cut-throat market, customer perception at the boarding gate can be the primary reason why passengers choose another airline, but from my experience, they are all the same - you smile at them a bit more at check in, but there is still no "fillet steak" only spam for you, sir.

Tim May


Source: Flight International