Innovative Solutions & Support president Roman Ptakowski says the company is targeting the Experimental Aircraft Association's annual gathering in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in late July to show off the first AvioNG integrated avionics system in an Eclipse 500.

The AvioNG experience, which began when Eclipse parted ways in March with Avidyne, the provider of the Avio integrated cockpit system, has proven to be a boon for IS&S in that it represents the company's first forward-fit product with an aircraft original equipment manufacturer. Retrofit packages to date have focused on flight displays for military aircraft and for large commercial aircraft like the Boeing 757 and 767, the latter of which IS&S currently has a backlog of more than units.

Eclipse has said that aircraft delivered through the first half of the year with the Avidyne systems will then be retrofitted with the Avio NG by year's end.

IS&S says it has also received preliminary US Federal Aviation Administration approval for an internally funded electronic flight bag paperless charts function as part of its integrated cockpit offering. The system shows own-ship position on airport charts and automatically selects en route and approach charts. The company also has a research and development programme to display generic satellite weather in the cockpit.

Source: Flight International