Israel and Russia have reached an agreement to permit the use of the Ilyushin Il-76 as the platform for the three Phalcon airborne early warning systems ordered by India. Israel will pay Russia royalties for use of the aircraft and has agreed to Russian companies taking shares in the work.

Russia had demanded royalties for use of the Il-76 in the Indian programme, and future programmes involving the same aircraft. An agreement was reached in a meeting between an Israeli delegation headed by Amos Yaron, director general of the Israeli defence ministry, and Russian officials.

Israel Aircraft Industries purchased from Russia an Il-76 that was to carry the Phalcon system ordered by China's air force. The aircraft was fitted with a dorsal-mounted fixed radome by Beriev in Russia. The deal was cancelled as a result of US government pressure.

The Indian air force has also selected the Il-76 as its platform for the Phalcon phased-array AEW system. The Russians this time have demanded a larger share of the programme. According to industry sources, Russian companies want to fit some of the electronic systems.

Source: Flight International