Israel has released for export the Silver Arrow-developed Hermes series of long-endurance unmanned air vehicles (UAVs). The systems have previously been classified.

Silver Arrow UAVs are operated by the Israeli Defence Forces in long-range intelligence missions complementing data gathered by the Offeq-3 spy satellite. The firm is considered to be the "Skunk works" of the Israeli UAV industry and most of its products are classified. The all-composite Hermes 450 UAV is 6.1m (18ft) long, with a wingspan of 10.5m. It can carry a 150kg (280lb) payload. Endurance is 20h, mission range 200km (370nm) and operational altitude up to 20,000ft (6,000m). The system is now in its final development stages, according to Silver Arrow president Shai Shapira.

The company, owned by Israel's El Op and Elbit Systems, is also offering the Hermes 1500, a twin-engined vehicle of 24h endurance which can carry a maximum payload of 300g.

Source: Flight International