Israel Military Industries is developing a new generation of its I-TALD air-launched decoy.

IMI sources refuse to be specific on the capabilities of the new version, but say development is aimed at improving range and false target creation "in complicated scenarios".

IMI has supplied I-TALD to the US Navy and international customers since 1996. The decoy is powered by a Teledyne CAE-312 turbofan engine and can follow a 35min pre-programmed flightpath with GPS guidance.

I-TALD graphic
 © Israel Military Industries

Launched from fighter aircraft, I-TALD appears on enemy radar screens as another fighter, thus attracting anti-aircraft missiles and diverting enemy activity in preparation for air strike missions.

I-TALD has a stand-off range of 295km (160nm) and can fly at speeds of up to Mach 0.8 at altitudes of 500-30,000ft (150-9,150m). IMI recently supplied the US Navy with a new batch of decoys featuring new avionics and loitering capabilities.


Source: Flight International