Israel Military Industries (IMI) is planning the first live test of its Modular Stand-Off Vehicle (MSOV) this month.

The MSOV will be launched from an Israeli air force Lockheed Martin F-16, then navigate to a preplanned target where its submunitions will be deployed. IMI has developed submunitions specially for MSOV, an unarmed version of which was first launched in 2000.

Although the submunition specification is classified, they are believed to be effective against armoured vehicles and personnel. It is understood that some types of bomblets will be equipped with unique self destruction mechanisms aimed at eliminating the danger of unexploded submunitions. MSOV will also have alternative warheads including a unitary penetrator and anti-runway penetrators.

MSOV navigates via GPS-satellite navigation and follows a preprogrammed track. The track can be programmed on the ground or during flight.

Source: Flight International