Israel Aerospace Industries is developing new versions of loitering weapon systems for suppression of enemy air defences (SEAD) missions.

The Harop is a bigger, improved version of IAI's Harpy anti-radiation drone and is equipped with an electro-optical sensor, enabling the operator to select targets during the loitering time over the target area.

The 2.5m (8.2ft)-long drone, powered by a heavy-fuel engine that drives a pusher propeller, is launched from a canister and its foldable wing has a 3m span. It is equipped with a 23kg (51lb) warhead and can hit static and moving targets.

A satcom data link enables the selection of targets throughout the 6h endurance of the Harop, which is launched from ground or sea launchers, but can be adapted for air launch.

The 135kg, delta-winged Harpy is still offered as a baseline loitering system.

Source: Flight International