Israel Aircraft Industries' MLM division has delivered the first Arrow 2 anti-ballistic missile (ABM) to the Israeli Ministry of Defence. The handover, made on 29 November, paves the way for the deployment by the end of next year of the first Arrow system with partial capability.

The weapon is destined to be used in a future interception test, although it could be used operationally. "In case of emergency, we will be able to use this missile, and others that will be manufactured soon, to intercept enemy weapons, says the MoD. The Iranian threat is so imminent that we decided to begin the series production of the missiles earlier than planned," says Uzi Rubin, head of the defence minstry's directorate responsible for missile defence.

MLM will continue production of operational missiles immediately following the batch needed for testing, Rubin adds.

The next Arrow 2 test is scheduled to take place in the second quarter of next year.

Source: Flight International