Israel is expected to request exclusive access, among Middle Eastern nations, to some US technologies – including the Lockheed Martin F-35 – as part of a "compensation package" being sought following Washington's support earlier this year for a lifting of economic and trade sanctions on Iran.

Likely equipment requests involve additional F-35s, Boeing KC-46A tankers, Bell Boeing V-22 tiltrotors and advanced precision-guided weapons which have yet to be exported by the USA, including bunker-busting weapons. Israel also wants to acquire undisclosed electronic systems that would be crucial to maintain its ability to perform long-range strike missions.

The nation's defence ministry continues to prepare its list of requested equipment, which Israeli sources say is likely to be submitted by prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he meets with US President Barack Obama in November.

Prior to the Iranian nuclear deal being signed in July, Israel had said that the military option was on the table to counter Tehran. Sources suggest that current signs indicate the international agreement will not stop Iran from becoming a military nuclear power, which forces Israel to be capable of "neutralising the threat". The USA has also been stockpiling military hardware in Israel because of the situation.