An Israeli company has developed a data link that will enable an operator to control a loitering weapon system even when it begins its dive towards a target.

Until now, privately-owned IMC Microwave Industries has been operating under heavy secrecy, but Flightglobal was allowed to visit the company and hear about some of its products.

IMC has supplied data links for some of the more advanced Israeli unmanned air systems (UAS) and loitering weapon systems.

The system developed for use with loitering weapons allows users to receive video imagery with a delay of less than 80 milliseconds.

"In spite of the fact that this is achieved by relay performed by another aerial platform, the signal delay is very small and allows the operator to change the targets, even in the final phase of the loitering system flight," IMC president Ayalon Eshel said.

The same data link is used to obtain the real-time telemetry from the aerial platform, UAS or loitering weapon system.

By using signal processing technology, the data link can achieves ranges of more than 200km (108nm), Eshel said. The UAS used to relay the signal carries a transmitter that weighs only 2kg (4.4lb), he added.

Eshel said one of IMC's data links performed "very well" in a recent test involving an advanced loitering weapon system that was developed by another Israeli company, describing the combination as "a real revolution".

IMC recently purchased 20% of the shares of Israeli UAS manufacturer Innocon. The companies intend to offer unmanned systems with capabilities based on IMC's products.

Source: Flight International