The Israeli air force has borrowed three MiG-29 Fulcrum fighter aircraft from an unidentified eastern European state. Israel test-flew the aircraft against its Lockheed Martin F-16 and McDonnell Doulgas F-15s.

The aircraft , flown out from an Israeli air force base in the Negev desert, were evaluated over a two-week period. The exact model and modification state of the Fulcrums is not known.

The aircraft are now believed to have been returned to the state form which they were "borrowed" for what is believed to be a not inconsiderable amount of money.

Defence sources say that the Israeli air force was impressed by the aircraft, particularly the helmet-mounted sight and infra-red search and track.

Israeli pilots have flown the MiG-29 previously in eastern European states, but never before in their home country.

The Israelis are believed to be interested in the Fulcrum because the aircraft is in front-line service with Syria and Iran.

Source: Flight International