Turkish Airlines has resumed flight operations at its main base, Istanbul Ataturk, following the attack on the airport on 28 June.

The airline says it is restarting its entire schedule, although it is offering a rebooking service to passengers planning to travel up to 5 July.

Turkish state airport authority DHMI states: “The ugly face of terror attacks has been revealed once again.”

DHMI says the attack included bombing of the terminal building.

Ataturk airport bombing

Emrah Gurel / AP/Press Association Images

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan pointed out that the timing of the attack, during the month of Ramadan on the Islamic calendar, showed that the perpetrators’ motives were valueless, adding that the bombing would not achieve any objectives.

Erdogan added that the attack clearly aimed to generate “propaganda” through the “suffering of innocent people”, and warned that the “treacherous character” of terrorism could hit “any city” and “any airport”.

Istanbul Ataturk is operated by management company TAV. The hub ranked fifth in terms of international traffic among European airports last year.

The attack occurred just over three months after the bombing of Brussels airport's terminal building.

Passenger flight operations at Brussels only restarted nearly two weeks after the 22 March assault.

Source: Cirium Dashboard