Improvements to the way information is transmitted to military command at critical times are being developed by Defence R&D Canada (DRDC) (Hall 5a, C6).

ISTAR, or Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance is being developed over the next two years. It will improve how information is sought, received, amalgamated and transmitted to commanding officers and serve as a test bed to demonstrate possible solutions to technological problems.

DMR Consulting will lead the $CDN 3,745,000 project in co-operation with other Canadian companies - CGI Quebec, Thales Canada, Lockheed Martin Canada, Oerlikon and xwave.

"Through Project ISTAR, DRDC will integrate a wide range of detection technologies resulting from advanced optoelectronics with information systems," said Dr. John Leggat, chief executive officer, DRDC. "ISTAR will produce information that will benefit command while ensuring compliance with Canadian Forces' procedures. Results obtained from ISTAR may also be used in law enforcement."

Source: Flight Daily News