Rolls-Royce is creating a new team of 10 people charged with facilitating transitions of aircraft with mature engines to other operators, having identified this as a priority for leasing customers.

"We are very much in 'receive mode' on what care for lessors, care for aircraft operating lessors, might look like and feel like," said Simon Goodson, the UK engine maker's senior vice-president for customers in that sector, during a panel discussion at ISTAT Americas in Phoenix on 29 February.

"I'm happy to share with you that initial feedback from our customers, which is, unsurprisingly, that they care an awful lot about transitions, what happens aircraft aged between 12 and 25. So we're forming a team. We're putting dedicated headcount into this at a really difficult time for us, as other heads are coming out of our organisation. But it is that critical to us, that critical to our customers."

As more Trent engines move into the 10-15 year age bracket, Goodson acknowledges that "we have to be a hell of a lot better – not just as Rolls-Royce but as an industry – in transitioning them more quickly, more efficiently, at lower cost".

Source: Cirium Dashboard