Italy’s air accident investigation agency Agenzia nazionale per la sicurezza del volo (ANSV) is urging Algerian civil aviation authorities to ensure that all aircraft flown by Algerian carriers are fitted with up-to-date flight data recorders (FDR).

As part of its investigation into the crash of an Air Algérie Lockheed Martin L100-30 Hercules in August last year, ANSV found that the aircraft had been fitted with a flight data recorder manufactured in the 1960s.

The “first generation” FDR records a “limited number of parameters” on a metal sheet, ANSV says, and does not comply with ICAO Annex 6: according to this legislation, all FDRs of this type should have been replaced with newer models by 1995.

The aircraft (7T-VHG), was destroyed when it crashed near Piacenza in northern Italy following a high-rate descent from 24,000ft (7,300m). The impact caused a crater around 50m long and 15m wide. All three crew on board died in the crash.