Fiat Avio and Agusta have signed a contract for production and logistics support of the T700/T6E1 engines that will power Italy's fleet of NH90 military multi-role helicopters. The contract is the first to be awarded following signature of the NATO Helicopter Management Agency (NAHEMA) memorandum of understanding for production go-ahead. A total of 396 engines plus spares will be built for 196 helicopters. The Fiat Avio/ Agusta contract covers the initial procurement of 232 engines for 116 aircraft. The 2,000kW-rated T700/T6E1 is the newest growth derivative of this GE family. It was co-developed and will be co-produced by GE Aircraft Engines (GEAE) and Fiat Avio, the aerospace component of Italy's Fiat group. Fiat Avio is responsible for 50% of the design and testing of the certification engines and will assemble and test the production units for Italian NH90s at its Brindisi plant. Overall, Fiat Avio will produce 60% of the T700/T6E1s for the Italian NH90s and 40% for other T700/T6E1 applications worldwide. The Italian Defence Administration will begin taking delivery of its NH90s in 2004.

Source: Flight Daily News