Italian investigators are looking into an incident in which an EasyJet Airbus A319 landed with less than the required minimum fuel after a diversion to Bari.

The aircraft had twice attempted to land at Naples, using runway 24, following a domestic service from Milan Malpensa on 7 January.

French investigation authority BEA has disclosed details of the event, citing preliminary information from Italian counterpart ANSV.

It says the aircraft (G-EZEW) carried out two missed approaches to Naples as a result of meteorological conditions.

Weather data at the time, around 22:30, indicates low visibility and shows that Naples had been experiencing rain and drizzle.

The aircraft diverted to Bari but landed with a fuel quantity “below the final reserve”, says BEA. Final reserve fuel is the minimum legally required to remain in the tanks upon arrival.

BEA’s narrative states that the crew declared an emergency, which is standard procedure when crews believe they will infringe final reserve fuel upon landing.

ANSV has not issued a public notification about the incident, which BEA describes as “serious”.

Source: Cirium Dashboard