The Italian and Brazilian air forces have selected the Finmeccanica/Galileo Avionica SCP-01 Scipio radar for their Alenia/Embraer AMX upgrade.

Negotiations between the two air forces are on-going and a request for upgrade proposals is due to be issued shortly to industry (Flight International, 8-14 May).

Around 100-130 aircraft in Brazil and Italy are to be upgraded. The Scipio will replace a ranging-only radar on Italian AMXs, while the Brazilian aircraft will finally receive the radar that was originally selected, but was not fitted because of two successive bankruptcies of the Brazilian firms that were to manufacture the unit.

The modification programme will include a cockpit upgrade with Elbit and Alenia avionics, a head-up display, a new communication suite with satellite communications and the JTIDS/MIDS datalink, a new inertial navigation system (INS), a new mission/ weapons computer and the integration of new weapons.

Meanwhile, the Italian air force has signed a L50 billion ($23 million) contract to equip at least 36 Batch 3 AMXs with the Thales CLDP laser designation pod. This will allow AMXs to self-designate rather than rely on another aircraft. The air force also wants to equip the AMX with a GPS-satellite/INS navigation system to allow the integration of the Boeing Joint Direct Attack Munition.

Source: Flight International