A European Joint Aviation Authorities subcommittee is drawing up recommendations for Joint Aviation Requirements Operations (JAR OPS 2) - the regulatory code that will cover corporate and aerial work.

Requirements for these operations are being developed by the aerial work and general aviation sub-committee (AWGAS), which is part of the JAA operations committee. AWGAS includes the European Business Aviation Association, the European Council of General Aviation Support (ECOGAS) and the National Business Aviation Association. The helicopter subcommittee is working in parallel on JAR-OPS 4, the equivalent requirements for rotorcraft.

European corporate operators are calling on the JAA not to impose strict and costly regulations. "We would like to see JAR-OPS 2 regulated with a light touch and a sensible 'from the bottom up' approach," says ECOGAS. The subcommittee will submit the first draft to the JAA operations committee at the end of next year.

Source: Flight International