Jabiru hopes to receive approval from the UK's Popular Flying Association (PFA) to sell its four-seat J400 kitplane in the country by year-end. UK approval would be the first for the type in Europe. It follows a similar approval in South Africa last year.

Jabiru made its submission to the PFA in January. The first J400 is likely to be delivered to a UK customer within 10 months, says Kevin Pearce, managing director of ST Aviation, Jabiru's distributor for the UK, the Benelux countries, the Czech Republic and Ireland.

Pearce expects demand to be high due to the emergence of very light aircraft pilot's licences in a number of countries. The aircraft's gross weight of 700kg (1,540lb), including a usable load of 390kg, means it can be flown under the UK's new national private pilot's licence that comes into force next month. The licence stipulates a 2,000kg maximum take-off weight in its single-engined piston category.

Jabiru sells pre-assembled J400s in Australia and South Africa, but will only sell the aircraft in kit form in Europe, as full certification is too costly.

Pearce says he expects to sell up to 24 J400 kits a year.

Source: Flight International