UK reconnaissance equipment specialist W Vinten has completed first-phase testing of its Jaguar Replacement Reconnaissance Pod (JRRP). The JRRP is a fully electro-optical (EO) system that will update the Royal Air Force Sepecat Jaguar's wet-film reconnaissance pod.

Sensor performance has been proved by 16 flights and full certification is expected early next year. In RAF service, the pod will be slaved to the pilot's helmet-mounted sight to allow it to be directed towards targets of opportunity.

Vinten is fitting the JRRP components to pods already in RAF service, with traditional optical cameras being replaced by Vinten EO systems. Two EO sensors can be placed in the centre of the pod for low-level, day/night tactical reconnaissance while a Vigil infrared linescan is fitted in the rear of aircraft.

Alternatively, the unit can be used as a day stand-off pod, with an EO sensor in the rotating nose section - which can be steered to give horizon-to-horizon coverage.

The pod gives the RAF a low-level EO capability that will fit in below the medium-to-high altitude Raytheon Raptor pod soon to enter service with the RAF.

Source: Flight International