UK investigators have determined that jammed throttle levers led a City Star Airlines Dornier 328 turboprop to overrun the runway on landing in June, and have warned 328 operators to ensure pilots are trained to handle similar situations.

After a normal landing at Aberdeen in Scotland, following a flight from Stavanger in Norway on 22 June, the co-pilot attempted to move the throttle levers rearwards from the flight-idle position, to reduce thrust.

But the co-pilot was unable to release the levers' latches and, after two further attempts, the aircraft's captain took over. He was also unsuccessful in releasing the latches.

Despite aggressive braking, the aircraft overran Aberdeen airport's runway 34, travelling about 350m (1,150ft) before coming to rest. None of the 16 passengers and three crew members was injured.

The UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch says a similar event led to the fatal Minerva Airlines Dornier 328 accident at Genoa in Italy seven years ago. Fairchild Dornier, manufacturer of the 328, collapsed in 2002 and German manufacturer AvCraft Aerospace took over its regional aircraft production lines before it too failed last year.

Source: Flight International