MITSUBISHI HEAVY Industries (MHI) has received type certification for the MH2000 helicopter from Japan's Ministry of Transport. The medium-sized, twin-turbine MH2000 is Japan's first indigenously developed helicopter.

MHI says it is stepping up efforts to sell the 4,500kg gross-weight, seven- to 12-seat MH2000 to government organisations and local authorities, aiming for a share of Japan's 50-aircraft-a-year turbine-helicopter market.

The MH2000 is being offered in a market dominated by Bell 412, Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin and Sikorsky S-76. The helicopter is powered by two Mitsubishi-developed 600kW (800shp) MG5-100 turboshafts, giving a cruise speed of 150kt (280km/h) and a range of 780km (420nm).

EH Industries plans to fly the first EH101 civil helicopter sold to a commercial customer - the Tokyo Metropolitan Police - in September. The Agusta-assembled aircraft will be used for evaluation, with the potential for sales of up to 19 additional helicopters to Japanese authorities.

The Japanese aircraft will be the second 510-series civil EH101 to be flown. The first is scheduled to be flown this month, in order to complete certification which is planned for early 1998.

Source: Flight International