Aviation Technology Group (ATG) is preparing to transport the Javelin demonstrator to its newly expanded headquarters at Centennial Airport in Englewood, Colorado in preparation for first flight.

The first aircraft is undergoing engine and system runs at Soloy's site in Olympia, Washington, where initial assembly has been undertaken. ATG says once fit checks have been completed, the aircraft will be disassembled for shipping to Colorado, where it will be prepared for flight tests.

The Javelin, a two-seat light jet, is expected to be transported in the next couple of weeks, with first flight still scheduled to take place by the end of the first quarter of this year. The company will not reveal further details of the precise timing of the maiden flight, or even confirm if the planned sortie will be flown from Englewood, near Denver. "We're keeping our options open," says ATG.

The new facilities at Centennial include two hangars that it says "will be used for the continuing research and development of the Javelin Executive Jet". ATG adds that recent milestones include the installation of the fuel tank, ejection seats and landing gear, as well as the starting up of the Williams International FJ33 engines using both internal batteries and an external power cart.


Source: Flight International