Aviation Technology Group (ATG) and Lockheed Martin have signed an agreement under which the larger Texas-based aerospace company will help with the certification of the Javelin in exchange for the right to include the light jet as a potential offset in upcoming international competitions.

ATG says the memorandum of understanding (MoU) enables Lockheed "to assist with the prompt completion of US Federal Aviation Administration type certification for Javelin aircraft production". It adds that the company "will provide lean manufacturing assessment and training and supply chain management assistance to the mutually agreed international company participants".

The deal will not only aid ATG towards completing certification of the light jet, which is expected to make its first flight shortly, but may also assist in keeping unit costs down to more affordable levels. ATG chairman George Bye says Lockheed Martin is "exactly what ATG was looking for in a strategic development partner". Lockheed industrial co-operation deputy director Phil Georgariou adds that "production of the new Javelin is the kind of offset project that many countries are interested in". The MoU will have no impact on ATG's links with Israel Aircraft Industries, says Bye.


Source: Flight International