Regional operator Jazz will work with partner Air Canada to resume operations at Toronto City Center Airport (TCCA) as early as next year following a three and a half-year hiatus from the downtown facility.

Jazz operated fromTCCA for 18 years until it was "evicted" from the facility, Jazz president and CEO Joseph Randell said during a CIBC investors conference on 23 September. He adds the airline has been trying to return to the airport ever since.

The carrier suspended operations from TCCA in March 2006 after a pact between airport operator the Toronto Port Authority and TCCA-based Porter Airlines essentially forced Jazz out of the airport in favour of Porter.

Jazz subsequently sued the port authority over access to TCCA. The legal matter is still pending, a Jazz spokeswoman says.

In the meantime, Jazz is under the impression that the exclusivity of Porter's relationship with the port authority is coming to an end, Randell says.

"We've always, with Air Canada, wanted to get back into the island," he says. "We'll be working with Air Canada on plans to do so."

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news