Jet Aviation unveiled its Skylliance affiliate programme at EBACE today. The partnership is a new offering for the EMEA region that the company says will revolutionise the air charter industry. Skylliance is the brand name for a coalition of air charter operators and aircraft selected by Jet Aviation and operating under the Swiss company’s umbrella.

“We wanted to set another industry benchmark,” says Jet Aviation’s Martin Bernegger. “The worldwide charter industry is highly fragmented, consisting of thousands of providers with vastly different standards and procedures. Skylliance is an alliance of high quality air charter operators and aircraft working to stringent standards defined by us.” Before joining Skylliance each operator must have its own procedures in place in accordance with JAR-Ops 1 and European Aviation Safety Agency criteria. Jet Aviation will carry out audits on entry into the programme and then annually on each member.

Customers will book flights via Jet Aviation’s call centre and will fly on branded aircraft of their choice as far as possible. Visually, clients will see the Skylliance logo and branding on decals on all the aircraft and on crew uniforms and comfort items when they are on board.

Phase I of the programme will roll out in Europe, with plans to expand worldwide in future. To supplement Skylliance, Jet Aviation will provide customers with add-on services: limousine transport, hotel accommodation, airline tickets, helicopter services, catering, special and unique requests and a Skylliance credit card.

Air charter operators signing up for Skylliance will pay a one-time joining fee and annual membership fees depending on size and the number of aircraft they commit to the programme. Jet Aviation will provide all marketing and sales support.

Source: Flight Daily News