Jet-Care International (booth 220) is here to help aircraft operators avoid the expense and potential hazards of in-flight engine shutdowns. Later this week the US-based company will hold two workshops to promote its engine condition and trend-monitoring service.
Scheduled for the Cervin meeting room at 10:00-10:45 and 11:15-12:00 on Thursday, the sessions will introduce potential customers to Jet-Care’s services, including its Engine Condition and Health Online (ECHO) software for recording and reporting engine trends.
New Jersey-based Jet-Care and sister company Spectro, with facilities in the UK and Switzerland, currently monitor the health of more than 13,000 engines in 72 countries. The ECHO software examines the results of engine fluid analyses and emails reports detailing the results to operators, identifying trends and issuing routine alerts. More urgent concerns are communicated by phone.
Typical ECHO applications by operators include comparison studies to support maintenance, overhaul and parts procurement planning.

Source: Flight Daily News