JetBlue Airways will add more seats to some of its Airbus A321s from later this year, in addition to a previously announced seat densification project for its smaller Airbus A320s.

The New York-based carrier will configure 15 A321s with 200 seats in the second half of 2016 - 10 more seats than what the airline currently has. These A321s are not the A321s that the airline operates with its Mint premium cabin. The seat layout on those premium A321s will remain unchanged, says JetBlue.

JetBlue will also add more seats to its A320s - which it previously announced in November 2014 - but the carrier will add fewer seats than it previously stated.

“The new A320 configuration will include 162 seats, revised from the original plan of 165, after a comprehensive review of layout options and feedback from frontline crewmembers who have been integral to the redesign process,” says the airline.

The A320 reconfiguration will begin in early 2017, with completion targeted for 2019. JetBlue has 130 A320s in service, Flightglobal’s Fleets Analyzer datebase shows.

JetBlue had announced the A320 densification in late 2014 as part of a bigger plan to improve returns at the airline.

The cabin reconfiguration will utilise Airbus’ Space-Flex v2 gallery solution which will help free up space, says the carrier.

JetBlue currently operates 26 A321s and has another 65 on order, shows Fleets Analyzer. Of those 26 in-service A321s, 11 are configured with the Mint cabin. These A321s have 16 premium seats and 143 regular seats in what JetBlue refers to as its “core” cabin.

The cabin redesign at JetBlue - its first since it began flights in 2000 - will also see the carrier improve its inflight entertainment and connectivity offerings.

The carrier will introduce an improved IFE system provided by Thales, called STV+, which will allow passengers to stream content from their personal devices. The system will expand upon JetBlue’s existing live television offering, increasing the number of channels to more than 100 from 36. It will also offer more than 300 on-demand movies.

In addition, the airline will also offer in-seat power outlets with USB ports on each seat as part of the cabin redesign, and enable the use of gate-to-gate wi-fi.

“We launched JetBlue with a customer-focused experience that no one expected from an airline,” says Jamie Perry, the carrier’s vice-president brand and product development. “Travel preferences have changed in the last 15 years, and we’re investing in what customers want today. Our new cabin, combined with our award-winning customer service, is a powerful way for us to once again challenge the status quo.”

Source: Cirium Dashboard