The sheer scale of the Paris airshow can leave you dog-tired, but how do the real canine workers cope with the excitement?

David Astbury of Metro K9 is supervising two bomb detection teams at Le Bourget, protecting Lockheed Martin's chalet. Three dogs are on patrol, keeping the company's staff and customers safe.

K9 canines

"It's the first time we've worked at the show, and the dogs are coping surprising well with the noise of the displays," says Astbury. "They are finding the heat more difficult though, so we try to keep them in the shade as much as possible."


Even highly-trained working dogs need some time off to stretch their legs and "just be dogs", so the four-legged workers get regular run-outs during the day.

Astbury set up his canine security company in 1992, after 23 years in the British police force. He uses his skills and experience to provide dogs, training and logistics to police departments, customs and governments around the world.

"Very few dogs make the grade for this kind of role," says Astbury, who has a retired labrador as a pet. "They work very hard, but they have the best life and they love it."


Source: Flight Daily News