Korean Air (KAL) has established South Korea’s first business aircraft charter business, using a Gulfstream GIV, which previously was only used by the company’s chairman.

KAL says its chairman, Cho Yang-ho, has decided to open up his GIV for charters and potential customers can contact the airline to arrange flights. Cho first authorised charter flights on the GIV during the 2002 soccer World Cup, when the aircraft was used to fly tournament officials between venues in Japan and South Korea.

But the aircraft, which was delivered in 1995, is now available to any customer and KAL has opened a dedicated office to sell and market GIV charters.

“Utilisation is quite low now and they are now considering a business plan to make more use of the aircraft,” says KAL, adding so far this year there have only been five or six charter flights. KAL is targeting flights between South Korea, China, Japan and South-East Asia.

There are currently no other business jet charter operators in South Korea, whereas in Japan the market is limited by high fees and a corporate culture that frowns on the use of private aircraft. Global Wings is planning to launch Japan’s first business jet charter operation early next year with a Learjet 45XR.

KAL’s GIV is the only business jet charter operation in South Korea


Source: Flight International