Efforts by Kaman Aerospace to increase the customer base for its K-Max ‘skycrane' helicopter have been boosted by the launch of a new lease programme, which will make the aircraft more affordable.

Kaman says the initiative combines the proven performance of the K-Max with the flexibility of short or long-term leasing packages.

Eagle Helicopters of Switzerland and Superior Helicopters of Oregon are the first two customers for the programme, which offers aircraft for as short a time as six months and includes all parts, K-Max-specific ground support equipment and an on-site spares cabinet.

Eagle plans to use its K-Max for logging operations, while Superior Helicopters is to develop a wet lease service to customers in the US and internationally for various applications. The aircraft is currently involved in a firefighting mission in Wyoming.

The K-Max is the first helicopter designed specifically for repeat lift operations and is in service with more than a dozen operators.


Source: Flight Daily News