Australia has yet to decide on the fate of its troubled deal for 11 Kaman SH-2G(A) Super Seasprite shipborne helicopters, following a mid-February meeting between senior company officials and defence minister Joel Fitzgibbon.

The defence ministry has denied local media reports that Australia's new Labor government has decided to axe the fleet and replace it with additional NH Industries MRH90s, adding that no timescale has been set for a decision.

"We are aware that the new government is assessing our programme," says Kaman senior vice-president Russell Jones. "We are confident that we are performing our obligations, and we continue to execute on our responsibilities."

Australia's previous government reviewed the Super Seasprite programme last year, but opted to continue with it amid concerns over possible legal action by Kaman, a lack of suitable replacement types and programme costs of A$1 billion ($920 million).

Source: Flight International