Kamov plans to deliver "at least 14" Ka-226 twin-engined helicopters within two years to meet its growing order backlog.

This year the Russian manufacturer's Orenburg-based Strela plant will build one prototype and five pre-production helicopters which will be shipped to the Kamov plant near Moscow in mid-2000. The first of 20 helicopters will be delivered to Russia's Ministry of Emergencies.

Next year Kamov plans to deliver three Ka-226s to the City of Moscow, for border control and medevac missions, and five to oil company Gazprom, which will be deployed for offshore support. A second production line is planned at Kumertau helicopter plant in the province of Bashkortostan.

Meanwhile, Kamov began flight testing its Ka-60/62 medium twin-engined multipurpose helicopter in late December at Rechka Chernaya airfield, near Moscow. According to the manufacturer, the programme, which is being financed by Russia's ministries of defence and economics, has an estimated civil/military market of 500 aircraft.

Kamov plans to market the Ka-62 internationally in an effort to boost sales of the Rybinsk Motors RD-600-powered twin, which is likely to be re-engined for the Western market. The Ka-62 will be priced "at least" 20% below its nearest competitor, the Sikorsky S-76, says Kamov.

The aircraft offers a maximum take-off weight of 6,500kg (14,320lb), a 700km (380nm) range and a 132kt (245km/h) cruise speed. Series production is being prepared at Ulan-Ude, eastern Russia.

Source: Flight International