Central Asian country Kazakhstan plans to establish a joint manufacturing project for Aktai and Ansat light helicopters with Russia’s Kazan Helicopters and aims to build the first machines by the end of 2006.

“Talks about the formation of the joint venture will start at the end of summer. I think that we will be able to build a few helicopters by the end of the year,” says Meiram Kazhyken, chairman of Kazakhstan’s committee for industry and scientific-technical development.

 Kazan W445

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Kazan's twin-turbine Ansat may soon be built alongside piston-single Aktai in Kazakhstan

Production will take place in three factories: Alma-Ata, Aktobe and Petropavlovsk, all in Kazakhstan.

“We are now studying the capacity and capabilities of the three factories, which are currently engaged in repair and overhaul of helicopters, with the idea of setting up joint production with the Russians,” Kazhyken says.

Kazakhstan intends to initially undertake final assembly of the helicopters, with some local sourcing of parts.

“We expect that, in 10 to 15 years, locally produced components could make up 30% of the aircraft,” Kazhyken says.

Kazan Helicopters originally examined the possibility of manufacturing in the central Asian country in 2004.

The company plans to begin series production of the single-engined rotary-powered 1t-class Aktai within three years. The 3t twin-turbine Ansat has been in production since 2003.

  • Russian helicopter holding company Oboronprom and Orangeville Consulting of Jordan plan to form a joint venture to assemble the Kamov Ka-226 light helicopter in Jordan under a newly formed company, Oboronprom Middle East. The venture will provide pilot and engineering training, maintenance and overhaul for the Ka-226 as well as sales and marketing support for the helicopter within Jordan and other Middle Eastern countries.

Source: Flight International