Russia's United Aircraft is to begin producing composite parts of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 at a new Kazan plant from the winter of 2013.

The facility, KAPO-Kompozit, will also be adapted to handle manufacturing of components for the Irkut MC-21.

Austrian aerostructures firm FACC could become a shareholder in the new facility after the two sides signed a letter of intent.

The preliminary agreement would allow FACC to take a 24% shareholding in KAPO-Kompozit in 2014.

KAPO-Kompozit will produce Superjet structures including the twinjet's flaps, elevators, rudder and fairings.

United Aircraft says the plant is to produce components for Airbus and Boeing aircraft as well as its own domestic types.

Creation of the facility, it says, required investment of Rb3.5 billion ($105 million) and it forms part of a programme to establish centres of competence for new requirements - including production of doors in Ulyanovsk and nacelles in Voronezh.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news