Airports around the world have a duty to process passengers quickly and efficiently and not discriminate against them on grounds of ethnic origin, says the director general of Sharjah Airport.

Ghanem Al Hajri was speaking on the eve of the ACI World/Asia conference and exhibition being held in Sharjah.

Governments should keep out of the operational side of running airports and leave it the professionals, he said, alluding to the many complaints by Arabs of being unfairly treated at American airports in the post-11 September world.

"Security is one important part of the aviation industry and will remain so, but what we are saying is how we implement the secußrity measures is very important," he said.

"Airport professionals are in their jobs because they are qualified. They are the ones who are qualified to do this job and governments should mind their own business and let the professionals get on with the job," he added.

The conference bears the theme ‘Airports Facing Challenges: Preparing for Better Times Ahead.' It has attracted some 400 delegates from 40 countries around the world.

Source: Flight Daily News