KENNAMETAL (Hall 3, Stand C4) has launched a new machine-tool clamping system that is claimed to yield a wide range of cost benefits.

Designed for use in the manufacture of aerospace components, the Shrink-Fit system can clamp and hold a tool so that its cutting edge is applied with high precision.

Shrink-Fit rapidly heats and cools the toolholder to ensure it applies a uniform grip around the bore of the tool. A female coupling is heated to 500°C, placed in a male coupling and left to cool. As the temperature falls, the female unit contracts and locks into position on the male.

Kennametal claims that the result is an extremely secure fitting with an evenly distributed clamping force that can support the cutting tool at higher speeds, resulting in better performance, a more accurate result, less wastage, higher durability and a 30% increase in tool life.

Source: Flight Daily News