Advanced engineering and software disciplines are the skills in demand in the UK aerospace industry, both now and in the foreseeable future, says a detailed government report into the industry.

In the report released this week, the House of Commons Trade and Industry Select Committee notes that an Aerospace Sector Skills Agreement is being developed by government agencies and industry organisations, including the Aerospace Innovation and Growth Team (AeIGT).

Skills identified as necessary to the future success of the UK industry and likely to be promoted and developed under the agreement include:

* software systems, modelling and simulation

* systems design and modelling, advanced manufacturing design and advanced electrical systems design

* advanced materials engineering

* diagnostic and prognostic techniques

* skills to support emerging technologies, particularly in relation to environmental impact.

The report also says the industry is preparing a costed action plan to deliver additional training and development in the necessary skills, which will be presented to the Department of Education and Skills.

Source: Flight Daily News