Keystone Helicopter has signed agreements with Turbomeca and Sikorsky, making it the primary independent supplier and installer of re-engining kits for the S-76A. This is part of a plan by Keystone's new owners to double revenues from $53 million last year to $100 million within five years.

The agreement with Turbomeca designates Keystone as the exclusive worldwide source of Arriel engines and conversion kits for the S-76A+ and A++ upgrades, replacing the Rolls-Royce 250-C30. The companies have so far re-engined more than 20 S-76As with the Arriel 1S (S-76A+) and, more recently, the Arriel 1S1 (S-76A++).

The non-exclusive agreement with Sikorsky licenses Keystone to manufacture, sell and install the A++ airframe conversion kit using the helicopter manufacturer's supplemental type certificate. West Chester, Pennsylvania-based Keystone is already responsible for all new S-76C+ completions under an agreement with Sikorsky. The Arriel 2S1-powered S-76C+ features better range, payload and speed than earlier versions.

The company was acquired in January by a Philadelphia-based investor group led by Ranger Aerospace. They plan to spend $75 million over the next five years on expansion and acquisitions.

Source: Flight International