Hawker Beechcraft has selected ACSS’s advanced terrain awareness warning (TAWS+) system for its King Air B200GT and 350 aircraft. ACSS’s TAWS+and TAWS+performance are standalone, class A TAWS for passenger turboprops, jets and military aircraft.

It can also be supplied as part of ACSS’s T2CAS product, an integrated TCAS and TAWS in a single line-replaceable unit (LRU).

ACSS president Kris Ganase says: “We’re pleased to be HBC’s TAWS supplier now on all three of their production King Air models.” The system can be applied to any business, regional, air transport or military aircraft and helps to avoid controlled flight into terrain.

The ground collision avoidance module (GCAM) enables Modes 1-5 and provides unique predictive warnings and cockpit displays.

Among ACSS’s patented features is a terrain advisory line that indicates where the aircraft will impact terrain should it continue on its flightpath.

When the GCAM detects that the aircraft does not have sufficient climb capability to clear the terrain by a standard vertical recovery maneuver, it generates an “avoid terrain” auralvisual alert.

Source: Flight Daily News