French distribution company Aeronautik is in Paris for the first time with its kit helicopters and has two examples on display in the leisure and recreational static area.

Kit helicopter

The advanced kit comes with a main rotor head tested up to 80t with composite rotor blades.

With an instrument panel designed for trouble-free maintenance and easy access butterfly doors, the aircraft is designed to be comfortable to fly and maintain.

It also offers easy access to the engine and transmission for pre flight inspection and an entire body made from composite carbon/Kevlar.

Co-developer Gerard Brognon says that one of the main benefits of flying helicopters is the fact that there is no wall between pilot and passenger, creating a pleasant experience for both pilot and passenger.

He should know. He has operated helicopter companies for several years - and even ferried Brigitte Bardot round the Cote d'Azur.


Source: Flight Daily News