KLM has selected Canadian Marconi to provide the integrated global-positioning-system/flight-management system and act as systems integrator for the Dutch carrier's planned flightdeck upgrade for its fleet of 13 Boeing 747-200/300 Classics.

Other vendors selected include Litton Aero Products, to supply the replacement inertial-reference system, and Smiths Industries, to provide the active-matrix liquid-crystal-display screens which will replace electro-mechanical instruments. The vendor for the ACARS airline communications, addressing and reporting system has not yet been announced. The upgrade's architecture will include "FANS-1 equivalent" capability.

Work on the 747s will be divided between KLM and a third party. Two of the stretched upper-deck combi 747s are also being modified to full freighter layout. The airline signed a letter of intent with Israel Aircraft Industries in 1996 for the conversions.

Source: Flight International