Sir - I refer to the flight test of the Koliber II (Flight International, 7-13 June, P112).

I was not a little surprised to read that the Koliber can reach speeds of between 170kt (315jm/h) and 260kt (and this with the cockpit canopy not completely closed), which to me is hardly credible - especially the 260kt - considering the engine power, aerodynamics and, among other things, the speed of 105kt on 75% power as mentioned in the comparison table.

Could it therefore be that in both cases the figures represent kilometres per hour, although even 260km/h looks too high?

On the occasion, I refer also to "Record Run" on P27 where the equivalent of 448kt is given as 694km/h instead of 829km/h.


Ghlyfada, Greece

Source: Flight International