Kollsman is aiming to flight test its new All Weather Window enhanced vision system (EVS) on a Gulfstream V business jet next month. The Merrimack, New Hampshire-based company believes such systems could open up 700 more runways in the USA.

The All Weather Window incorporates an infrared camera with adapted lens and an EVS image processor, optimised to show real world visual cues such as the runway and runway lights on the aircraft's head-up display.

The US Federal Aviation Administration has approved the proof of concept plans. FAA certification is due in June 1999.

Kollsman has introduced an improved version of its digital altimeter as part of a new integrated package designed to meet new reduced vertical separation minima (RVSM) rules.

The Kollsman Altitude Measurement System is made up of a 3 ATI liquid crystal display, an air-temperature probe and has static source-error correction built in.

The first deliveries, of the altimeter alone, will start at the end of this year to Northwest Airlines for retrofitting to its Boeing 747-100/200 fleet. It has an accuracy to within 20ft (7m), while the new package also adds altitude pre-select/alert with autopilot output to meet the RVSM altitude alerter requirement.

Unusually, it can also display altitude in metres, says the company, helping in "metric" airspace, with a choice between an analogue or digital display.

Source: Flight International