Singapore Airlines (SIA) and Korean Air (KAL) have confirmed a series of deferred deliveries, affecting 13 Airbus Industrie and Boeing widebody aircraft on order until 2000.

SIA says it is deferring delivery of 11 aircraft for 1998-2000 (Flight International, 18-24 March and 22-28 July). KAL has reached an agreement with Airbus to delay delivery of two of its five A330s scheduled for delivery in 1999.

The SIA delays involve three Boeing 777s deferred from 1999 until 2001 and five 777s due in 2000, with one moved back to October that year, two to 2001 and two to 2002. SIA is also deferring by 12 months two Airbus A340-300s on order in 1999 and 2000, in addition to the 13-month deferral of a 747-400F until March 2000.

KAL's agreement with Airbus covers the delivery of two A330-300s in June and July 1999, now rescheduled for 2001/2. It had sought to delay all five Airbus aircraft on order in 1999, but has reconfirmed that it will take two A330-300s and one -200. KAL is also negotiating with Boeing to defer six 747 and 777s in 1999.

Source: Flight International