Korean Air (KAL) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Boeing for seven more 777s and two more 747-400ER Freighters.

The SkyTeam Alliance carrier says that KAL aims to acquire the new aircraft "after 2004", adding: "This is an MoU right now so the exact dates have not been decided."

KAL is already a major 777 operator, with -200ERs and larger -300s. The airline says it cannot say if the additional twinjets will be the same variants or newer -200LR/300ERs.

The airline is also a major operator of the 747-400s and the 747-400F freighter. KAL recently received the first of three Pratt & Whitney PW4062-powered 747-400ERFs on order. The remaining aircraft will arrive later this year and in early 2004. With a maximum takeoff weight of 412,770kg (910,000lb), the -400ERF's range is 9,200km (3,000nm), 980km greater than the baseline -400F, while payload is increased by up to 10,000kg.


Source: Flight International